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Strong Advocate For We The People

Leslie Rossi is a small business owner, known by many for creating the “Trump House,” just north of Youngstown along Route 982. Leslie is a proud wife, mother, and is heavily involved in her community. Rossi is running because she believes we need to reverse excessive overreach that shuttered businesses and killed jobs, kept schools closed, and mandates that infringed on our right to freely worship. As a businesswoman with a proven track record of success creating jobs and balancing large budgets over two decades, Leslie knows how to help lead Pennsylvania out of the near economic collapse caused by out of touch politicians.


Rossi is a woman of faith and a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. She believes we need to work hard rebuild our economy with good paying jobs, stop reckless government overreach, defend voter integrity, and be an advocate for conservative values. Leslie is strongly encouraging all voters to vote yes in favor of the referendums also on the May 18, 2021 ballot to limit the Governor’s executive power, requiring legislative approval for certain actions.