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Small business is the backbone of our communities yet we have excessive government overreach wiping out small business with  unchecked executive power. People want to work, and I will fight everyday in the legislature to reverse the economic collapsing policies, support our small businesses and work to create an environment for businesses to bring new jobs in our district.

We live in the greatest country on earth. The founders created a government by the people, for the people, free from out of touch politicians and special interest coercion. I will be your voice and only your voice. President Trump started an unstoppable movement to reclaim our government for the people. I will lead with accountability, transparency, and integrity. 

We must protect our most fundamental right to self-government: fair and secure elections. Too often, our elected officials do not have the political willpower or courage to take action on voter irregularities. I will work to strengthen our voter laws so the People's voice are heard loud and clear and their constitutional right to vote is

rightfully safeguarded.


Leslie Rossi is a small business owner and real estate developer that has provided opportunities for small business.  She is well known for creating the political grassroots movement called "The Trump House," where her work at the house proved to make a HUGE impact for the Republican party that will stand for years to come. Leslie's drive to serve others and build relationships throughout all of District # 59 and the region has led her to run for this office, where she wants to fight for the conservative values we hold dear. 


Leslie, a proud wife & mother, is catholic and Pro-Life. She is a gun owner and is Pro-2nd Amendment as well as Pro-Constitution. She believes our government should be run by and for the people and she's a proud supporter of President Trump's America First Agenda.  Leslie and her husband Mike, alongside their children, are proud to call District # 59 home and they are actively involved in their community.  Leslie had devoted years of volunteer work being a leader with the Greater Latrobe Hockey Program and created the Little Wildcat Developmental program. Their family has been strong contributors to the school district, the backpack meal program for children, local fire companies and law enforcement for equipment needs and they have taken an active role to contribute to many other programs within the community that enrich the lives of the people.

"I'm not a politician – I’m a small business owner and I have a proven track record of leading the battle in fighting for conservative values. I will defend our shared values, protect our God-given rights, and fight for every citizen of District 59."


-Leslie Rossi
Republican Nominee for House District 59